Dinerman’s Collected Squash Histories Anthology Released 

Dateline April 25, 2022 ---- Rob Dinerman's latest book, Collected Squash Histories, Selected Squash Writings Volume 3, released yesterday, is distinctive from its pair of predecessor squash anthologies in that, as its title implies, it is comprised solely of a collection of squash histories --- 17 of them --- that he has written on various squash websites and publications over the years. These range from Histories of various prominent  tournaments --- among them the Canadian National Hardball Championships, which was held from 1912-95, the Harry Cowles Invitational (1947-96), the Atlantic Coast Championships (1930-2001 and known for having matches literally through the night on its two courts from Friday late-afternoon to Saturday mid-morning) and the New York State Open (1976-95) --- to Histories of squash at various schools (Exeter) and clubs (Apawamis), to a thematic History of the ISDA pro doubles tour, using 10 individual matches as markers of that tour's evolution. Also included are a History of Yale women's squash during Mark Talbott's six-year coaching tenure (culminating in the team winning the national team championship in his swan-song 2003-04 season), and Histories of the World Doubles, the North American Open Doubles, the U.S. Doubles in Baltimore and the U.S. Nationals in New York.

The book has a Foreword written by Paul Assaiante, the legendary Hall of Fame coach at Trinity College, and is available at Amazon.com, along with Volumes I and II of Dinerman's anthology series, which were published in 2014 and 2016 respectively. Dinerman’s forthcoming book, Brothers And Champions: Ralph And Sam Howe And Stories From The Golden Age Of Racquet Sports, a racquet-sports biography of the Howe brothers, who between them won a combined 13 U. S. National singles, doubles and intercollegiate individual championships during the 10-year period from 1962-71 and are the only two people who are members of both the U.S. Squash Hall of Fame and the International Court Tennis Hall of Fame, is scheduled to be released this autumn.

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